Your design can be any shape and any size but there are some guidelines to help you choose.

school crest design

Simple geometric shapes like a circle, square or rectangle tend to work well and are popular. Shield shapes are also common to Irish schools and we can produce a range of choices. The shapes above tend to be popular choices.

We have hundreds of colour threads and felt backgrounds to choose from. Just tell us what you require!

Emblems work best if they contrast with the garment they are attached to. For dark uniforms, we recommend bright thread colours that contrast the uniform and look attractive. See the colour wheel below - colours on opposite sides of the wheel tend to compliment each other best.

We can deliver your logo in different house colours or in alternate colour versions for your school sports teams too.

For primary schools we recommend a maximum width and height of 6cm (2.5inches) as primary school garments are considerably smaller than post-primary school garments.